Fate is a very strange and interesting thing...

As a young child, the author left his parents and siblings. He grew up in a rural countryside outside Hong Kong. At that time, it seemed that luck was not walking with him, as his family was too poor to support all the children. Then, he encountered his master, who gave him salvation; he fed him, gave him a place to live and gave him an education. It was during this time, that his master gave him the training and the knowledge in Chinese feng shui and fortune telling. It seemed ironic that despite learning feng shui and fortune telling at a young age, he himself was a skeptic. He started working as an engineer, but as fate would have it, today, his full time occupation is a feng shui master and fortune teller. This was something he never dreamed of happening. He fulfilled what his late master has foretold, that it was his destiny, his fate.

If fate exists, then it is not too difficult to prove the reliability and existence of feng shui and fortune telling, even though science cannot prove it 100%. The amalgamation of architecture, astronomy, physics, interior design, philosophy, psychology, spirituality, nature, geography, yin-yang, and the five elements is the practice of feng shui. The practice has been in used for over 2000 years of Chinese history, so feng shui has stood the test of time and has a place in our lives. In addition, the author started studying feng shui and fortune telling with a great master in his youth, and for over 40 years, he has analyzed, and through countless incidents/experiences, that this Chinese feng shui practice is logical. In over 30 years of the author's travels to all parts of the world, he has seen countless examples of feng shui at work. Feng shui is not only applicable and useful to Asia, but also to places like Europe, North America, Australia and the like. He has seen that there is further proof that there is something to this Oriental philosophy, with its applicability to all parts of the world.

So is feng shui invincible, the cure all?

Of course not. Feng shui is not the cure all; else wise, everyone in the world will be rich if they applied feng shui. But the best thing about feng shui is its applicability and immersion in our daily lives. It is positive and helpful in that it can help us cut losses in our darkest hours, and in good times, improve our luck/fortune even more. Of course, just reading books, taking courses, or practicing for a year or two cannot make you a feng shui master. Besides having a true feng shui master as a mentor to give you direction, it also requires many, many years of practice, study, and reflection, as well as having an objective outlook. I hope that by looking at this website, you will all have a greater awareness, interest, and understanding in feng shui, to see that feng shui is not something superstitious. I also hope that through this oriental philosophy, you can find your own philosophy of life.