Sherman Tai - Fortune Teller & Feng Shui Master

Sherman Tai is a name that often comes to mind when we think of feng shui and fortune telling. Tai's reputation as a fortune teller and feng shui master is well established here in Vancouver, as well as in Hong Kong. Tai's professional services take him around the globe to different parts of Asia and North America, serving both private and commercial clients.

Upon graduation from the Hong Kong Polytechnic, Sherman Tai furthered his education in USA. He worked as a mechanical engineer during the 70's, serving the group of Hutchison Whampao Companies in Hong Kong.

As a teenager, Tai was keenly interested in pursuing the studies of the Chinese art of divination, feng shui, life chart, and palm reading. He was fortunate to receive guidance from an expert at a very young age, and for more than 40 years, researched extensively on those topics. Tai performed thorough research in Chinese astrology and feng shui, viewing them from a combination of eastern and western perspectives, utilizing a scientific and mathematical approach in his analysis.

In 1990, Tai emigrated to Canada and started working as a professional geomancer, turning his interests and devotion in the arts of feng shui and palm reading into a life-time career. Today, Tai's services are well sought after by fellow emigrants who are anxious to know their destiny or the feng shui that affects their working and living environments. Tai's consultant services are in demand by many Chinese communities and business alike. Among some of his commercial clients are banks, shopping malls, office buildings and real estate consortiums groups, who seek his advice in the areas of feng shui, to ensure that their business environments are in harmony. Tai is the exclusive feng shui master hired by HSBC in Canada, continental America and Europe. He was the first Chinese geomancer hired by the Richmond City Hall who employed his services in feng shiu analysis in connection with their official building in B.C. Canada.

On top of his busy working schedule, Tai also actively participates in the weekly Canadian radio program for AM1320, answering callers' questions concerning feng shui and fate. He also hosts program on Feng Shui for Fairchild Television Canada. He writes weekly articles for the Chinese community newspapers, such as Ming Pao and Sing Tao, as well as writing periodic articles for newspapers and magazines in Hong Kong. Tai has published seven books, five in Chinese, and two in English, concerning the same topics, and all were well received in Asia. Tai also actively gives back to the community; if it is fundraising for a charitable cause, Tai is there. Every year, we will find him participating in Chinese New Year festivities, fortune telling for fundraising.