Pig in 2019

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General Fortune
Traditionally, there is a illusion that Pig won't have good fortune in the year of Pig. Yet, this is not as bad as you think. There are many changes this year but these changes aren't necessarily bad. Pig should think twice before acting and should not bear unnecessary issue on hand. You should have a good preparation and planning to prevent careless mistake. Pig should set a positive goal and seize every opportunity to do their best. Please not take reckless action which will destroy your prospects. You should be able to distinguish the good and bad people. You should keep moving forward, either travelling and go on a business trip. Joining more activities brings you good luck.

Pig should move around this year and utilize their ability for creative work. You may meet the benefactor and may consider doing some work that you haven't done before. There will be many disputes so you should not involve in joint project. You should keep upgrading yourself and try more art work, such as advertisement, entertainment, beauty, fashion, hair styling, flower shop, and jewellery. At first, it will be full of trap and competitions. You should work in a proper way and do not care other's business. You should expand your network and focus on your work.

There are ups and downs in the prospect of wealth for Pig. You should not be deceived by the illusion of having new market and opportunities. There is no free lunch in this world. Pig should not waste the earnings on useless and unnecessary items, instead, they should make use of it to do investment or deposit in a bank. You should avoid gambling, scalping and lending money to others. You should prevent robbery.

The prospect of love is unstable this year. You are lack of confidence getting into a relationship. Single Pig may have dispute with your partner. Your best friend may be the third person in your relationship, so you should not tell the public about your relationship before it's stable. Married Pig should not involve in triangular relationship; otherwise, you may harm your marriage and lost fate.

Pig should be careful of knife injury, traffic injury, stomach upset, and digestive system disease. Female Pig should be aware of gynecology disease while male Pig should be ware of liver and urology problems. Elderly will get sick easily during the winter time. The youth need to work hard to get better academic result.

Relationship with other zodiac

Good partners for Pig:

Tiger, snake, rabbit, sheep

Bad partners for Pig:

Ox, horse, dog, rooster

Lucky number:

1, 6, 7, 8

Unlucky number:

2, 3, 5, 9

Lucky colour:

Blue, gold, silver

Unlucky colour:

Yellow, brown, green

Lucky gemstones:

Red agate

Auspicious direction:


Auspicious accessories:

Picture of "Qing dynasty' with a pair of human clay underneath and two lamp beside the human clay


The Pig year
1935 & 1995
You will have a poor prospect in career and family. If you do not manage it well, it will lead to big trouble. You should not talk too much and tell everyone about your plan. You should be aware of making mistakes on agreement and do not be deceived by villains. You should not worry too much about your children and be aware of cardiovascular problems. Stay away from crowded place. Pig who was born in 1995 should be aware of love trap.

1923 & 1983
Pig who was born in 1983 has poor fortune in general. You are lack of confident this year. You should work in a proper way and do not be greedy. You should not be too aggressive at work. Do not be too serious on the unstable relationship. Please be aware of traffic accident.

There will be many disputes this year, especially the relationship with clients and boss. Please do not mind other's business and stay focus at work. You may make wrong decision on investment and relationship. Do not speculate in stock.

There are many obstacles and you should not change job this year. At the first half of the year, there are many impractical plans but it will improve after June. You should fight for the best and you should not develop your business.

This is a fair year for pig who was born in 2019, especially in the second half of the year. The prospect of wealth is good; you may invest in projects in the first half of the year. You should not gamble and should treasure your good fate.

Prospects of in lunar calendar
The entire prospect is fair. You have to remain a harmonic relationship with others which will provide you with unexpected rewards. You should seize the opportunity at work. You should limit your expenditure.

The general prospect will become smoother than the previous month. Your diligence and a good interpersonal relationship will lead you to a chapter in the career pathway. Your proposal will be accepted by the boss and client. Love and family issue may affect your performance at work. You should be aware of stomach upset and inspiratory system disease.

With unexpected obstacles, fluctuations will appear in March. You have to be calm to come up with solution in order to solve the problems. You are advised to stay calm dealing with the risk. There are new opportunities in relationship but do not have too much expectation.

The general prospect tends to be smooth with obvious improvement in every aspect. It is the right time for you to make changes and begin a new chapter of your life in a new environment. You should have a detailed plan before you change your job. Also, you will have good fortune in the prospect of wealth.

Obvious improvements appear in every aspect. Your effort will not be in vain. You will have a fruitful love life, but you should avoid getting into triangular relationship. Married Pig should not ruin the family by having affair.

The general prospect tends to be stable. Obstacles will gradually disappeared, but you have to handle the task carefully. You should take action and put effort to make your idea come true. You should be aware of your wealth and do not lend money to others.

The general prospect tends to be stable. Lack of confidence and diligence will turn the prospect to become worse. You should ignore the villain who insults you. A strong interpersonal network and knowledge will help you overcome the difficulties. You should be aware of inspiratory system disease.

The prospect of August tends to be worse. Sudden obstacles prevent you from continuing the work plan. As difficulties appear in both aspects of wealth and career, you may have much pressure. You should strengthen and expand our network. You should limit your expenditure or else financial risk may exist. You should take more rest.

You will have new opportunities at work. Yet, you have to fight for it. If you cannot make a decision in time, then you will lose your chances. There are many gossips in both work and personal life. Please keep yourself in the middle and also do not spend too much on unnecessary goods.

The prospect of October will turn bad again. There is unexpected event happened. You will have great pressure at work but you should keep calm and never give up. You should consider going on a trip to clear your mind and recharge yourself.

Fluctuations will appear in November. But if you can get the support from superior and friends, you will overcome the difficulties. You should expand your network and equip yourself, thus you will be able to develop a new world.

The general prospect of every aspect tends to be better with the presence of luck. There will be an obvious improvement in the prospect of wealth and career but you should not be covered by the success. Married Pig have to be aware of entering triangular relationship.